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Alistair Clark Earns His First Two Caps With Canada's Men Side.

A wing forward in the traditional mould who acts as a superb link-man with vision, pace and excellent hands earlier this season Alistair Clark became the clubs first Ontario Blues player which came as no surprise to anyone who has had the pleasure of playing with him or the misfortune to oppose him. A Baby Faced Assassin who is as modest and courteous off the pitch as he is ferociously teak tough on it, everyone in the club was thrilled when Alistair was selected to represent Canada in the recent America’s Rugby Championship held in BC. Alistair earned two caps against Uruguay and the US. Rumors abound that Alistair’s new pre-Pigs-game ryder now stipulates a bowl of skittles with all the brown ones removed and that Tom Kimball, now acting as his agent, has let it be known that Alistair is now available to make personal appearances on reality TV shows, store openings and Bar Mitzvahs. Congratulations Alistair and may you continue to go from strength to strength whilst inspiring us mere mortals around you.

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